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Review of the ERA convention in Amsterdam

The Internet as a game changer? For sure, but probably not with the leading rental companies in the driver’s seat. Honestly, I was quite amazed that the overall feeling of rental executives at the ERA convention was one of fear for new internet companies, not one of excitement for a new channel. The industry will […]


Three things to consider when buying Euro 6 Trucks

The Euro VI norm will surely reduce truck and LCV emissions and have a positive impact on the air we breathe, specifically in large European cities. At the same time, there has been a lively debate on commercial consequences as well as the overall impact on the global emissions level. The discussions and publications on the topic can […]


KHL reports that Bilfinger announced sell-off

A major restructuring of German engineering and services group Bilfinger will see a significant part of its civil engineering business being sold off. Bilfinger said it was intensifying its focus on its core business – engineering and services for industrial facilities, power plants and real estate. Bilfinger said it still considered its building construction activities […]