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Equippo Team Building: Strengthening an International Team

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Equippo, used heav equipment sales, team building
The Equippo Team! From left Row 3: Juan Chacon & Stefan Homeister Row 2: Martin Nicolaes, Albert Stutz, Santana Inniss, Alexey Titov & Roman Bdaitsiyev. Row 1: Michael Rohmeder, Mari Garcia, Philipp Knobel

An Equippo First! Bringing Together an International Team

As many of you already know, Equippo’s company tagline is, “Global Deals, Made Easy.” But what exactly does that mean for our customers and for us? Our mission is to make global used equipment buying easy for customers. But to sell international, you have to think and be international.

Global sales, global team

Equippo buyers are spread out all over the world, across many continents and markets. This also true for the Equippo team! From sales, to marketing, to support, Equippo has team members across five continents and eight countries. This helps us to provide sales and support in local languages and time zones.

Our virtual team stays linked with daily calls, chat programs, hangouts, and weekly fun time. But very few had ever actually met… in person.

Equippo, Michael Rohmeder, Philipp Knobel, start up, heavy equipment
Founders Philipp Knobel & Michael Rohmeder

Coming together

If you read our blog regularly, you know that we recently won the START15 startup competition in Europe. This came with a 10,000 CHF prize! Equippo founders Michael Rohmeder and Philipp Knobel put this prize money into the company, using it to organizing Equippo’s first company-wide team meeting!

Flights and hotel accommodations were booked; strategy and investor meetings were planned.  Some team members traveled just two minutes to the office, others took over 24 hours to reach Equippo HQ in Switzerland!

Work hard, play hard

juan chacon, LATAM, equippo, loader backhoe
LATAM Sales Manager Juan Chacon gets a loader backhoe lesson in Switzerland

The team worked just as it played, balancing strategy and process improvement meetings with hands-on equipment operating lessons or scaling Pilatus, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful mountains.

The most important goals for this team meet were to continue improving our customer experience and to strengthen our international team. We’re eager to get even faster and better at delivering value and service to both our buyers and sellers.

We’re happy to share this with you! Thanks to START15 for helping make this possible and to our investors and board members for your participation!


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