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Equippo Gets Closer to Customers on Facebook

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We recently expanded our offerings via Facebook to respond better to customer needs. We’ve moved away from a one-fan-page-fits-all strategy and now offer separate Facebook pages for English and Spanish.

Why Two Facebook Pages?

To be plain, we found ourselves in a situation in which 95% of our Facebook fans were Spanish-speaking. In fact, almost every single time we received a comment, question or message, it was in Spanish.  Yet, we were still delivering content in English.

But with nearly 14,000 Facebook fans, a large number were English-speaking. The only option to fulfill the needs of both groups would be to post in BOTH English and Spanish. Imagine how annoying that would be for both groups: 95% content in Spanish and 5% in English? Not the best solution.

Our Values, Our Facebook(s)

We ultimately decided to create separate Facebook pages for our English-speaking and Spanish-speaking fans. One of the main pillars of our business values is to provide service, support, and content to our markets in their preferred language. While that will become a challenge for us as we expand into more and more markets, the fact of the matter remains: buying used heavy equipment in your preferred language is important to us.

How we Made it Work

Facebook was extremely helpful in renaming our original Facebook page to Equippo ES (for Español). As 95% of the fans there were Spanish-speaking, that seemed the best option. We pinned a post to the top of our fan page letting fans know that content would soon be switching over to Spanish and that the new Equippo fan page would be available in English.

It has been about one month since the change, and it’s been successful so far! We have nearly 14,000 fans on Equippo ES, and our English fan page is growing steadily with 2100+ fans as of today! Customers now communicate with us in English on our English page and in Spanish on Equippo ES.

Whether in used heavy equipment sales online or via Facebook, we’re thrilled to be able to offer our service to our customers in the ways they want to receive it.