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Equippo Earns Trusted Shops Certification!!

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Trusted Shops Trustmark
Equippo earns the Trusted Shops Trustmark

Trust is Important

Whenever you make a purchase online, trust between seller and buyer is very important. As a buyer, you need to be sure that you will get the product you order on-time and as described. This is true for items of any value. But it is particularly true for used heavy equipment, where one bad buying decision could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or even bankrupt your business.

Our Beliefs

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve been quite open about our business values. We believe that buying heavy equipment should be easy and accessible to all. Our used equipment offerings all come from our personal network of trusted sellers. We do this so that we can be sure of the accuracy of photos and machine descriptions on our site. But more than anything, we do this to gain your trust.

We’re Proud to Announce our Relationship with Trusted Shops

By now you may be asking yourself, “What is Trusted Shops?” We’re glad you’ve asked.

Trusted Shops in a German company that was founded in 1999 to help make online purchases more secure. They work by putting a company through rigorous quality and reliability checks. If a company passes all of these tests, they earn the “Trustmark,” a symbol that informs customers that their purchases are guaranteed by Trusted Shops. Should a customer have problems with a Trusted Shops certified company, they are offered additional help, support, and refunds from Trusted Shops.

What Does this Mean for Heavy Equipment?

The Equippo certification from Trusted Shops gives our customers 30-days of buyer protection, up to €20,000. We’re the first online seller of used heavy equipment to earn the Trusted Shops Trustmark. The certification itself is proof of our transparency and commitment to honesty. But the Trustmark gives you the extra confidence and peace of mind to make a secure used equipment purchase online with Equippo.

So, with even more trust, protection, and transparency—happy shopping on!